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LabX Global delivers a true customer-oriented experience driven by strong networking capabilities and faster speed of service with lower-than-average running costs. Since our inception in 2017, we have delivered over 600 packages while maintaining a better than 99% on-time rate and average cost savings of 15-35%.

We evolved quickly and stayed ahead of the curve through our implementation of industry-leading solutions and best practice sharing across our departments and operations worldwide.

This has been instrumental in weathering storms of economic recession and unpredictable crises, including unprecedented pandemics. We have warehouses in over 25 countries and possess a keen familiarity with the regulations and supply chain intricacies in Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Americas.

We have developed a laboratory centric courier model that ensures efficiency and precision at every step.

We make everything count

  • A tracking portal keeps customers informed about the status of their deliveries at any given time.

  • Validated packaging maintains the strength and integrity of packaging throughout the handling and distribution phases.

  • Centralized warehousing with cold and frozen storage capacity along with a simplified communication hub lowers overall running costs by more than 70%.

What our clients are saying

If you are seeking a truly bespoke shipping system then look no further than LabX Global, we have always felt that our samples are in capable hands

Jo Scientific Operations Manager, Dimerix Limited

Case Studies

Lab X Global has developed a sound reputation for providing highly personalised lab logistics solutions on a global scale


The initial project involved arranging for a packaging kit to be sent from Australia to Brazil for purposes of packing and transporting blood. Custom regulations are extremely stringent in Brazil and require paperwork to be perfect. Problems of excessive administration and bureaucracy also exist. It is common for goods entering and leaving the country to be held at up at the border as a result of complex procedures. Lab Direct and the client faced the task of overcoming customs challenges to achieve results without much delay.


LabX Global leveraged its experience and network in three distinct ways to not only meet the initial brief of providing the packaging kit but also arranging for the sample to be transported from Brazil to Australia:

  • Addressed import/export regulatory requirements, meeting pre-import guidelines and successfully obtaining pre-clearance approvals
  • Implemented a packaging and coolant strategy to determine the suitability and compatibility of packaging using stability data
  • Coordinated with a third-party to book the first direct flight via Sydney and the next flight out to Melbourne the following morning
  • Completed the project in just in over 2 days
  • Coordinated the glitch-free transport of a critical sample over a distance spanning 14,000 km
  • Client was able to meet the special requirement after several failed attempts previously


An Australian client was seeking a lawful way to ship an Active Pharmaceutical Agent (API) – as listed by the United States Agricultural Department (USDA) – from Australia to the United States.

The challenge faced was correctly identifying the germanium compound so as not to jeopardise client’s chance to continue supplying drug products and substances to U.S.A.

As the substance was required to meet the specifications of a manufacturing project, an effective solution enabling successful and quick intercontinental delivery was required.


LabX global tackled the primary problem of correct substance classification as per USDA guideline 1105 for chemically synthesized materials, including biochemicals not containing or derived from animal products. As per USDA’s procedures for import under Guideline 110.


 LabX Global drafted a letter identifying the material, confirming it is unfit for human consumption and providing an explanation for its intended use. Shipment of the substance was also seamlessly coordinated to ensure the fastest delivery times.


  • Met USDA’s and FDA’s requirements to go through customs quickly and reach the manufacturer in a timely manner
  • Helped client establish trust with American partner and begin a positive track record with customs officials
  • Documented the solution to employ for future projects of the same or similar nature


LabX Global was contracted to coordinate the time-sensitive delivery of 450 vials of a critical, high-value freeze dried virus from Australia to New Zealand.

The challenge was to maintain a constant temperature of -80 °C during transportation and deliver the shipment within the stated 24-hour deadline.


As LabX Global is an experienced and a well-resourced logistics provider of biologically sensitive matter, we were able to correctly configure the required temperature and ensure a consistent, temperature-controlled environment prior to collection.

Our streamlined logistics processes allowed us to safely move shipment with a fast turnaround.

We were prepared for contingencies in the event of an unforeseen delay, having a team of experts and our service partner on standby to troubleshoot issues and replenish the dry ice.

 We established a communication SOP between our Australian office and our team on the ground in New Zealand to enable near real-time notifications and awareness of the shipment’s movement to ensure clarity about arrival times.

As safety, sample integrity and turnaround rather than expense were the focus of this project for the client, we were able to move forward flexibly and match the fastest possible delivery times.

  • Met short turnaround times
  • Maintained product integrity
  • Smooth communications between Australia-New Zealand teams

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