Transpoting Dangerous Goods By Air



If your sample is regulated for transport as a dangerous good, as listed in the transport
section of the SDS, you will need to be a certified shipper of dangerous goods or have someone in your organisation who is one and can pack the items and prepare the documents.

This applies to domestic and international shipments. Penalties apply for incorrect declaration and shipment of dangerous goods. Lab X Global is a leading company in the transportation of dangerous goods by air in Australia. With a team of specialists, we handle all of the difficult nuances that exist in Dangerous Goods transportation, helping you keep your costs low and your staff safe.
Transporting Dangerous Goods By Air | Dangerous Goods Logistics Specialists
Dangerous goods are generally not acceptable to be carried on your person. You must speak with your airline prior to ascertain if your samples can be carried. This applies to domestic and international flights.
Penalties apply if you are found to be carrying prohibited goods.
Lab X will not accept delivery of dangerous goods which have not been packaged and transported lawfully.
Certified shippers are required to pack all shipments they complete the documentation for.

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