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The shipment of dry ice for refrigeration purposes on aircraft does not require a certified shipper provided that the samples it is cooling are non-dangerous goods.
Dry Ice For Refrigeration Purposes | Lab X Global

However, there are certain requirements which must be followed.

The net weight of the dry ice must be marked on the outside of the package along with the words "Carbon dioxide, solid", UN 1845 and a miscellaneous dangerous goods class diamond (class 9).
The packaging instruction from the current IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations should be consulted. Extracts from packaging instruction 904 Carbon dioxide, solid must be in packaging designed and constructed to permit the release of carbon dioxide gas and to prevent a build-up of pressure that could rupture the packaging.
A shipper's declaration is only required when the carbon dioxide, solid is used as a refrigerant for dangerous goods that require a shipper's declaration.
When a shipper's declaration is not required, the following information, required for the carbon dioxide, solid must be contained in the "Nature and Quantity of Goods" box on the airway bill: • Proper shipping name: Carbon dioxide, solid • Class 9 • UN 1845 • The number of packages • The net quantity of carbon dioxide, solid in each package.