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Access the most lab-oriented courier in the world

Our cold chain logistics solutions have been adapted to meet our clients needs of the present times

We can work around customers’ unique requirements to design an optimized package and a fair pricing plan
LAB X GLOBAL - Laboratory Logistics Services


LAB X GLOBAL - Laboratory Logistics Services
LAB X GLOBAL - Laboratory Logistics Services


LAB X GLOBAL - Laboratory Logistics Services
LAB X GLOBAL - Laboratory Logistics Services


High levels of service value:

A strategic global vendor supply chain network with the ability to handle cryogenics, dry-ice, refrigerated or controlled ambient shipments with around the clock emergency support

A full suite of, validated-compliant, packaging solutions

Laboratory supply chain end to end emergency sample management support

Complete traceability of samples from collection point until investigator site

First and last mile appointments

Lab X Global fully tailored medical transportation service includes:

Global support hubs

On-route temperature monitoring with reporting downloads

In-transit dry-ice replenishment

Expedited customs clearance services

Complete transparency

Best in class route selections

Risk management

  • Emergency Support For Critical Shipments
  • Dedicated Support for Hospitals and Universities
  • Value added Services for Hospitals & Universities
  • Dedicated assistance for core labs and institutes
  • Our flexible laboratory transport modes
  • Our core laboratory focused solutions
  • Packaging Solutions for international transfers

Emergency Support For Critical Shipments

Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, Lab X Global has partnered with the Australian Government and other supply partners to deliver urgent PCR test kits, medical reagents, critical research samples and urgent goods.

We have leveraged the International Freight Assistance Mechanism (IFAM) set up by the Australian Government to support medical establishments and affected individuals with necessary medical supplies and samples as a part of its health response initiative.

International Freight Assistance Mechanism - Austrade

Dedicated Support for Hospitals and Universities

The primary reason why we have been able to come this far in our journey is because of the highly trained and experienced human resource that we hire and nurture. Our team members and drivers have received the necessary training in OHS requirements, specimen integrity, exposure control, patient confidentiality as per the Privacy Act, biohazard issues and other compliance norms pertaining to the medical sector.


International and domestic shipments receive the highest priority service throughout our global partner network, each office has the ability to track and trace every sample.

Why choose Lab X Global?


  • Dependable, Safe, Resourceful
  • Every Sample, Anytime
  • A tracking portal keeps customers informed about the status of their deliveries at any given time.
  • Validated packaging maintains the strength and integrity of packaging throughout the handling and distribution phases.
  • Centralized warehousing with cold and frozen storage capacity along with a simplified communication hub lowers overall running costs by more than 70%.

Value added Services for Hospitals & Universities

  • Fast turnaround:As a specialised company, we always follow a customer-first approach in all our medical deliveries. We always maintain 100% on-time delivery rate—something that leads you to save about 15 to 35% of your total cost. Faster service speed through best-in-class solutions is what sets us apart in the market.
  • Around-the-clock support:We have a team of highly experienced customer support professionals who are available at your beck and call to address your queries. You can reach out to us at any time of the day to know about your deliveries, payment-related issues and other queries. Efficiency is something our team values greatly.
  • More than just air cargo:Our team at Lab X Global seeks to provide highly personalised care to all our clients. Every medical shipment is handled with the care it deserves as if it’s our own personal belonging. From timely temperature checks to emergency support, we have humanised the supply chain for medical deliveries in a great way.

Dedicated assistance for core labs and institutes               

As safety, sample integrity and turnaround rather than expense are the focus for the majority of our clients, we are able to move forward flexibly and match the fastest possible delivery times including:                     


  • Extremely Fast Turnaround
  • Validated and compliant packaging solutions
  • Laboratory Focussed
  • Highly Trained Drivers
  • Completely Transparent

Cold Chain Management Options:

  • Deep Frozen – LN2 -190°C
  • Frozen – Dry Ice -80°C
  • Refrigerated – +2°C to +8°C
  • Controlled Ambient – +15°C to +25°C

Our flexible laboratory transport modes include:

  • Air: Next Flight Out (NFO) international or domestic services, time definite same day, overnight time or deferred, hold overnight services, extra specialised services are available.
  • Ground: Same day last mile, regional-country or out of area, truckloads, specialised road transport services including tailgate trucks, including refrigerated vehicles upon application.

We have the necessary infrastructure in place to transport mission-sensitive clinical research samples with the highest level of care and consistency across the globe.

Our core laboratory focused solutions

  • Cells and cell therapies: Given the limited shelf life of every living cell, we have created a seamless supply chain that handles them with care at each stage of the clinical journey.
  • Medical device transportation: No matter what your medical device or tech good is, we transfer it in the safest way possible and allows you to track each transportation stage.
  • Biological Kit Assembly: We have years of experience in assembling biological kits and have well-equipped facilities across the globe to handle the process with the utmost efficiency.
  • DTP and DFP: We are a leading company specialising in Direct to Patient (DTP) and Direct from Patient (DFP) deliveries of medical items to facilitate clinical trials across the world.
  • Regulatory-compliant logistics: Our team has knowledge of various regulatory and customs norms to make the supply chain experience as compliant as possible.
  • Laboratory-moves: We provide around-the-clock sample monitoring and our Global Partner Network (GPN) of technology and business providers allow us to coordinate, respond and move with highest efficiency.

Packaging Solutions for international or domestic sample transfers Lab X Global has all your packaging needs covered. 

Lab X Global forged a long-term agreement with a number of state-of-the-art global cold chain storage solution providers. Our packaging supply partners are known to offer premium-quality validated and compliant cold chain packaging options. They are offered to clients for both standard and infectious class materials, they typically reduce over-size to accommodate less dry-ice which lowers wastage and our carbon footprint —something that boosts performance and reduces overall costs.

Lab X Cold Storage Capabilities:

  • Deep Frozen – LN2 -190°C
  • Frozen – Dry Ice -80°C
  • Refrigerated – +2°C to +8°C
  • Controlled Ambient – +15°C to +25°C

More info about our packaging:

  • Sample storage in just about any size or configuration
  • IATA approved packaging and coolants strategically stored and distributed to site upon collection request worldwide
  • All Customer service operators are trained and knowledgeable in the safe handling, packing and regulations for specimen shipping storage
  • Customised and scheduled cold chain packing, validation reporting which can be tailored to any client’s exacting requirements.
  • Operations active 24/7/365
  • Fully trained in dangerous goods handling, labelling and specimen certified operations located throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific regions
  • Established local agent networks operate throughout APAC to support any existing onsite or offsite laboratory packaging needs

Transport & Distribution

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First Flight Out
Customs Brokerage
Last Mile
Delivery Proof
Paperwork Checks
Validated Packaging & Labelling
Data Loggers
Packaging Rental Options
Reverse Logistics

Warehousing & Storage

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Dry Ice
+2-8C Storage
+15-25C Storage
-80 C Storage
-20 Freezer to Pre-Condition Gel Packs
Secondary Packaging
Data Logger Downloads
Packaging Storage
DG Repacks
Dry Shipper Storage
24 7 Monitoring