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Complete transparency:

We know how much care goes into handling sensitive medical and laboratory items. To provide you with the peace of mind, we have a well-developed tracking system that allows you to keep an eye on every stage of the medical shipment process. Rest assured, everything is in the safe hands of our operations team.

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Fast turnaround:

As a specialised company, we always follow a customer-first approach in all our medical deliveries. We always maintain 100% on-time delivery rate something that leads you to save about 15 to 35% of your total cost. Faster service speed through best-in-class solutions is what sets us apart in the market.

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Around-the-clock support:

We have a team of highly experienced customer support professionals who are available at your beck and call to address your queries. You can reach out to us at any time of the day to know about your deliveries, payment-related issues and other queries. Efficiency is something our team values greatly.
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Regulatory-compliant logistics:

Our team has knowledge of various regulatory and customs norms to make the supply chain experience as compliant as possible. We hold a complete library of forms to manage multiple transfers requiring up to date regulatory reports and specifications.

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Medical device transportation:

No matter what your medical device or tech good is, we transfer it in the safest way possible and allows you to track each transportation stage.

Our four core services:

Laboratory Shipments

Laboratory Shipments:

We have the necessary infrastructure in place to transport mission-sensitive clinical items with the highest level of care and consistency across the globe.

Temperature Controlled Logistics Services

Every Step:

We handle sample pickup, ground courier, flight and delivery. We also offer various packaging and cold chain solutions to meet your unique requirements. Our careful temperature control and monitoring includes: liquid nitrogen at -180°C, dry ice at -80°C, refrigeration at +2 to +8°C, and ambient temperature at +15 to +25°C, across air transit and shipping until destination point. The safety and integrity of your samples is always assured.

Clinical Trial Logistics

Clinical Trial Logistics:

DTP and DFP: We are a leading company specialising in Direct to Patient (DTP) and Direct from
Patient (DFP) deliveries of medical items to facilitate
clinical trials across the world.

Medical Courier Services

All phase clinical trials:No matter what type of clinical study material we tailor a logistics plan to suite your needs precisely. From investigator to the central lab

We provide end-to-end logistics services for clinical trials conducted globally. We take care of the minutiae of safely, reliably and time sensitively transporting biological samples, drug substances and all manner of typical or rare shipments necessary to clinical trials. Our experience in moving highly sensitive, one-off and atypical samples is second to none. If you have special project requirements, we can support you impeccably.

Clinical Trial Logistics

A tracking portal keeps you informed about the status of deliveries at any given time. – Validated packaging maintains the strength and integrity of packaging throughout the handling and distribution phase. Direct routing ensures speed and complete control throughout the transport steps until the final delivery destination is achieved.

Cells & Cell Therapies

Cells & Cell Therapies:

Given the limited shelf life of every living cell, we have created a seamless supply chain that handles them with care at each stage of the clinical journey.
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Help is local:

Our streamlined logistics processes allowed us to safely move cell shipments with a fast turnaround. We’re fully prepared for contingencies in the event of an unforeseen delay by having a team of experts on standby to troubleshoot issues and replenish the dry ice. 

We have an established network of office hubs this ensures a seamless bespoke communication system, which operates around the clock offering near real-time notifications and awareness of shipment’s movement to ensure further clarity about pick-up and arrival times.

APAC – Australia – New Zealand – Fiji
Asia – Singapore – Hong Kong
Americas –  North – South
Europe – London – Germany – Italy -Denmark

Temperature Controlled Logistics

Biological Kit Assembly:

We have years of experience in assembling biological kits and have well-equipped facilities across the globe to handle the process with care at each stage of the clinical journey.

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When Transporting biological kits, we understand how to deliver them safely

That’s why invest a lot of time in our logistics process and have developed the required expertise to fully understand your business goals by leveraging off our experience and global network partners.
Biological Kit Courier Services
We take responsibility for the performance of all our suppliers and for ensuring the availability of resources and equipment needed to control the flow of goods under our charge.

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