Temperature Sensitive Sample Transportation (TSST)


Monitoring of sample integrity

Our staff at Lab X Global conducts a general monitoring procedure to check if sample integrity parameters and temperature surveillance are in order. We provide a wide range of sample packaging materials that keep you compliant with regulatory norms. Some of the materials that we provide include absorbent sheets, 95kPa pouches, rigid packing boxes, labels, stickers, and envelopes. Our medical sample carriers are extremely suitable for meeting the transportation needs of hospitals.
Temperature Sensitive Sample Transportation | Lab X Global
Temperature Sensitive Sample Transportation | Lab X Global

Compliance with regulations

There is a wide range of legislations and regulations to follow while shipping biological samples and materials. We follow the International Air Transport Association Dangerous Goods Regulations, which lays down international agreements that govern the transfer of potentially dangerous goods to manage risks in laboratories. Our regulatory compliance measures make Lab X Global a trustworthy supply chain company across several nations.

Means of transport

We transport samples in a variety of modes, such as by road, or air, in specialized packages, and in temperature-monitored conditions. Our team ensures that the mode of transport chosen for the purpose does not cause any deviation in temperature and affect the quality of test results. We follow the localised accreditation that requires both clients and laboratories to give and receive samples in the right conditions. We ensure that we employ the best form of transportation for your samples so that they reach their destination within the stipulated timeframe. Our turnaround times are fast, making us the best in the realm. We bridge the gap between the client and the laboratory or vice versa and ensure that our processes are in line with import rules.
Temperature Sensitive Sample Transportation | Lab X Global
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Transport control systems

The samples should be stored in certain temperature conditions before and after testing so that the results are valid. It’s only after analysis quality control has been conducted and approved that the samples can be removed from such storage conditions. We have specialized transport control systems in place that maintain a log of the time and temperature of sample transport boxes. These systems give insights into the safety measures and handling procedures that need to be followed throughout the process.

Third-party delivery

If sample delivery takes place through a third party, we ensure that there are security systems to keep a check on the transfer. We specify all the pre-analytical conditions, such as recommended temperature, short-time stability, maximum transfer time, etc., during transportation of all types of samples. We are aware of our responsibility to stay abreast of new regulations and changes in demands so that we can make agile decisions.
Temperature Sensitive Sample Transportation | Lab X Global
Temperature Sensitive Sample Transportation | Lab X Global


We specialize in the packaging and shipment of ambient, refrigerator, or frozen samples . Packaging is an integral part of scientific logistics because it protects sensitive samples against serious damage during transportation. Moreover, labour efforts and costs are likely to increase if clients fail to comply with sample packaging guidelines provided by lab managers and officials because the entire procedure will have to be repeated. We work with our clients to guide them through all considerations related to the shipment, especially special packaging, to achieve accurate results.

Receiving procedures

Traceability of laboratory samples at the point of dispatch is a significant aspect of the logistics process. We ensure that all details of the samples received are noted through a sample submission form, which is filled out by our clients. We prefer to deliver them on weekdays when the laboratory is operational. The analysis of some biological samples is extremely time-sensitive. Hence, our delivery personnel makes sure that all are delivered without any waiting time.
Temperature Sensitive Sample Transportation | Lab X Global
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Safety is perhaps the most crucial aspect of scientific sample transfer. We collect Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for samples that contain powder, liquid, and drugs. This helps us to take proper safety measures while transferring samples so that they don’t leak and pose a danger. It’s important for our clients that they include MSDS with samples to easily check them into our system and quicken the turnaround time.

Turnaround time

The testing of some biological samples needs to be conducted within a timeframe to achieve accurate results. This is why we follow first-flight-out transportation so that samples reach the laboratory on time. Timely delivery of samples shortens the testing turnaround time and improves the overall quality of results.
Temperature Sensitive Sample Transportation | Lab X Global